November 2023.

We are live on Google Play

Provider app
Customer app

Both of our app are currently in Flight Test mode for iOS.

We are testing them both thoroughly!

As of now, you can download and test the Android apps for free.

October 2023.

We are live on Google Play

Provider app
Customer app

Our Provider app is in Flight Test mode on iSO.

We are anticipating the Customer app will be on Flight Test soon!

We are LIVE on Google Play!

Plenty of Labor is now LIVE on Google Play!

I’m so excited! 23-05-23 will be a day I remember for a long time.

The apps we’ve been working on are now LIVE on Google Play.

The concept is to re-connect neighbours who need odd jobs done with local talent, in a timely manner utilizing maps.

There are 2 apps,

  • Customer
  • Provider

If you need odd jobs done, the Customer app is right for you. See local talent that can assist you with your odd jobs in a timely fashion. With a few clicks, you can see local talent that matches your requirements.

If you want to make a few extra dollars assisting people in your neighborhood, the Provider app is perfect for you. Add your talent, make yourself available, and you may receive requests for assistance.

For more details on the apps and concept, please visit our website

To download the apps on your android phone, please go to the Google Play links provided here;



This is not the official launch, this is an invitation to get in before the major launch as soon as we have the iOS (Apple) version ready, and a few little bugs worked out. For the time being, the apps will be free to use.

Thank you for your assistance in reconnecting your community, and making this happen.

Joe Lockhart


Plenty of Labor.

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