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Welcome to Plenty Of Labor (POL) Here, we will show you in a few easy steps, how to set up your Customer app and how to post jobs.

Eventually the app will be available via the app store, but for now the app is available via a link that we will send to you. Once all the testing is done, you will be getting notifications to update the app via the app store. 
1) Once you've downloaded, installed and placed the app on your phone. You will need to register. When you click on Profile and then Login / signup.   

2) Click on any button and it will take you to the Sign in Sign up screen.

There, you fill in the following.

1) Click on Sign Up

2) Fill in email or phone number

3) add a password. Make it easy for you to remember but hard for someone to guess.

Click on Sign in. 
Step 2
You have Successfully registered to post Jobs!

In your profile please fill in this information. You MUST have an address so the provider knows where the job is. You can also add an address if you want to send some help to another location.

Click the top right to edit your profile

1) Please add a recent photo of yourself so Providers can see who they will be helping.

2) You email address goes here (if applicable)

3) Your Full Name (Your full name will not be shown)

4) Your phone number so providers can text with you.

5) Here you can add locations for the jobs. You must have one on file
Edit Profile

Your Profile

Now you're ready to look for some help.

With the POL app, there are 3 ways to get help.

1) You can look for help by Category.

For example if you want someone close by that can help to rake your yard, simple type Rake in the box.

2) You can find Help now by clicking this button and seeing POL Army workers near by. You can then see the profiles of near by Providers and what they are skilled at doing.

3) You can also Book help for a future job.

Let's have a look at these step by step.       

Looking for help
1) The fastest way to get help is to click on Find help Now. Here you will see workers online in your area.

Find Help Now
Worker 1
Click on View Details to see the Provider Profile Screen.

1) You see if they are still available

2) They are a member since

3) Here you can click what you need them for (it will auto fill on the booking screen)

4) Click on Chat to text with them what you need help with and negotiate a time and price.

5) This tells you about their ratings by other customers.

6) When you are satisfied and ready, click

Hire Now

In this example, you're looking for someone to help rake your grass. Click on Rake Grass, it will high light it and automatically fill in the next step.