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Customer app Step 6
1) Once you've clicked Hire Now You will see the one default address you listed. You can add addresses by clicking Add New Address in the event you want to send a Provider to another address like a second location or your mom's house to help her out.

We are working on this section to make it easier, look for changes coming soon.


Next, the app with as you what time you want the Provider so show up.

You can schedule them for 1 hour if they are available for .50 cents more.

Or you can click on Add your own day and time. 

Add Time

Step 8
Here you add the date and time.
Date and Time

Step 9

Here is where it all comes together.

1) Confirm booking time

2) Confirm the address of the booking

3) Enter the Title for the booking

4) The Description of the Booking

5) This will be automatically filled in as you selected the service on a previous screen.

6) Click Confirm and Book Now.

Congratulations you've make a booking with POL!
Date and Time

Booking Confirmed
There are 2 other ways to book Help. We can go into more detail as time goes on. For now,for the purpose of testing, we can get your feed back on the main method of getting help and that's with Find Help Now.

Once we get all the bugs out of the system, we will implement a Subscription System. The cost will be $5.00 per month, or $50 a year. That's like .14 cents per day.

When reporting issues, look here in your profile to see the version of the app. Before you report any issues, please make sure you are using the latest version of the app. If the problem still persist, please submit a bug report.   
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