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Welcome to Plenty Of Labor (POL) Here, we will show you in a few easy steps, how to set up your Provider app and how to get jobs.

Eventually the app will be available via the app store, but for now the app is available via a link that we will send to you. Once all the testing is done, you will be getting notifications to update the app via the app store. 
Once you've downloaded, installed and placed the app on your phone. You will need to register.

1) Click on Signup

2) Enter a valid email / phone number

3) Enter a password you can remember but will be hard for someone to guess.

4) Click Sign in
Step 1

You have Successfully registered to receive Jobs!


Before you can receive Jobs, you will need to fill in your profile.

Step 2

Your Profile

There are a few steps to fill out so you get the right jobs. 

Click on the Top Right to edit your profile. 

You must have an updated photo so the customers can see the person they hired.

1) First name

2) Last Name

3) Put in a phone number if needed

4) Put in the category you with to get jobs for. (see the next screen for an example)

5) If you are WCB insured click Yes

6) Add you class of Drivers License if you with to take jobs that involve driving

7) Click Save. 

Step 4

Looking for help
1) Here is where you select what type of jobs you want to do.

The list is long so scroll through and select the ones you are qualified for.

If you just want to apply for General Labor, there is a category for that too. 

Once you've done that, Click Save.
Step 5

Step 6
As you see the categories you've selected are ready to go.

In this example, the provider wants to do driving jobs so they will have to put their driving class in number 2 here.

Once you've done that, click on Save and you are ready to accept jobs. 
Step 6
Once we get all the bugs out of the system, we will implement a Subscription System. The cost will be $5.00 per month, or $50 a year. That's like .14 cents per day.

When reporting issues, look here in your profile to see the version of the app. Before you report any issues, please make sure you are using the latest version of the app. If the problem still persist, please submit a bug report.   
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