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Now that you're all set up to accept jobs, there are a few ways to get them.  For the most part, you will be contacted by a customer in your area that needs help as soon as possible.
Step 7

In order for you to accept Jobs, you need to click on Available. You will also have to approve that the app can track your current location.

Remember if you don't want the app to track you when you're not looking for jobs, please click on Unavailable.

2) When a Job is sent to you by a Customer, you will see it under New Jobs

3) Over time you will build up reviews. Please conduct yourself as professional as possible so you get the best review.

4) With Jobs Near Me, you can see and apply for Jobs in your area.
Step 7
On the screen you can see Jobs near you.

Click on View Details to see the following.
Near me
This screen will give you a lot of information about the job.

Before you Apply for the Job, please contact the Customer to ask for more details about the job and negotiate a price.

Once you've agreed on the time, price etc. click on Apply for Job and that will send an alert letting the customer know you want the job.  

The Customer will see your ratings, and click Accept proposal and the job is yours.

If you see the job but don't want it you can always Hide the Job too.
Step 7

Step 8
Once the customer clicks accept you will see this Job in the Today Tab.

Click the little bracket at the bottom to see more detail, the map if you need to find directions, and the Start tab.

Step 8

Looking for help
Here is where you get to review the Customer. We only want the best Providers and workers so we have this rating system.

1) Let other people know about your experience with the customer's

A) Punctuality - Where they there when they said they would be?

B) Was the Negotiating fair?

C) What was the overall Quality of the Job? Did they describe it accurately?

2) Please share your experience with your friends on Social Media. This will help us grow and you get more jobs.

3) Once you're done, click Submit Review and then move on to a new job.
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