Plenty of Labor, Our Mission Statement

Here at Plenty of Labor, (POL) we want to create the most inclusive environment for both workers, (Providers) and people that need a hand (Customers). We want to help connect people and communities.

The workers who want to help people, wake up with a positive attitude of getting the jobs done. Members of the POL Army are there to get the jobs done and make the community better with their positive approach.

Connecting people in the community is also very important to us. Need a hand moving a couch? Hopefully there is a POL Army member down the street who can be there in minutes to assist you.

Need your grass cut, look on the POL app and find someone close by, that can get it done!

Over time, you can build relationships with neighbors and workers who what to make the community a better, cleaner place for people to live.



The importance of community.

Remember a bygone era when you knew your neighbors name? Remember when young people would do chores or cut your lawn for a few dollars?    

Here at Plenty of Labor, we want neighbors to reconnect.

You may be surprised how much talent there is in your neighborhood.

Reconnecting the neighborhood with local talent, is a goal of Plenty of Labor.

cutting grass